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Sanitizing Services

Keeping customers and employees safe is a priority and we are here to assist. Implementing a new disinfecting program is what we do regardless of building size or industry.

Network Facility Management provides sanitizing services all throughout the Bay Area. Every work place has areas of high traffic that are more frequently touched. To avoid the transmission of COVID19 and other viruses and bacteria, we recommend doing a deep cleaning of these areas so they are sanitized. 

Commonly Touched Areas

  • Light switches

  • Handrails

  • Elevators

  • Door handles

  • Entryway doors

  • Restroom faucets and dispensers

  • Phones, keyboards and mouse devices

  • Air ducts

  • HVAC system

More importantly, we test and validate our work using a ATP Meter.

They way we achieve this is by using a Polarized Broadcast Misting and a patented process called Dry Fogging that 100% disinfects.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable company to partner up in keeping everyone on the job safe, please give us a call.

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