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Construction Clean Up Services

Construction cleanup is a vital part in every construction project mainly for safety and visits by the project management team. Network Facility Management provides laborers and cleanup for your construction project. We can provide DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY and onetime construction cleanup services.



Onsite construction offices are used daily and can get very dirty, so Network Facility Management construction cleaning services will help maintain a clean and safe environment. When your construction project is completed and ready to turn over for inspection, Network Facility Management, can deliver a great impression with our POST CONSTUCTION CLEANUP.

Some services we provide include:

•    Rough Clean Up
•    Final Clean Up
•    Re-Clean

•    Staffing of Laborers

Our Post Construction Services Include

•    Remove miscellaneous debris from building.

•    Sweep and mop floors- all types of floors ( cement, vinyl, VCT, ESD, etc)

•    Vacuum all carpet areas

•    Dust and clean all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

•    Clean interior and exterior windows- licensed to use booms, scissor lifts and swing stage

•    Clean light fixtures, exit signs, elevators, etc

•    Clean restrooms- shower, counter, sinks and mirrors

•    Polish all chrome fixtures and sanitize all sinks, toilets and showers

•    Clean all balconies, patios, interior corridors, IDF rooms, electrical rooms, lobbies, janitor closets, stairs etc

•    Clean stairwell and mechanical areas

•    Pressure wash services- parking garages, parking lots, around building, etc

•    Parking lot sweeping

These are a small example of the services we can provide. Some projects have specific scope of work and we can create a proposal base on your objectives.

Every project is different and the scope of work can vary. Times will vary depending on the conditions of the work site but if time is of the essence, we have a reliable workforce and we can always send out additional man power to obtain the right results in timely manner.



Cinema, Concert and Event Theaters

One of our areas of expertise in final cleaning is theaters. Giving a thorough cleaning is important so that patrons can see the level of care given, in order for them to enjoy the experience in a clean environment. It might appear as a simple cleaning job, but it entails training crews to know how to clean drapes, chemicals to use, not touching certain items that are delicate and should not be touched at all. We have the experience to get the job done!



In our experience, mixed-use and hotel buildings always bring a challenge when completing the final cleaning. Being detail oriented and organized are very important in completing projects of this size because there are many things that get overlooked. We have the experience and know how to complete projects of this magnitude. We have worked with many of the well known hotel chains.


Commercial buildings is another area of expertise when it comes to final cleaning. Whether is interior or exterior cleaning, Network Facility Management has the capability to perform any scope desired.

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